Secular Orders, 1604

Ursula Georges

This article collects the names and mottoes of the secular orders from "Ordines Militum Ecclesiastorum, et Secularium" or "Orders of Religious and Secular Knights", a Latin broadsheet published in 1604 by John Clapham.

Latin Name Modern Translation Motto Motto Translation
Milites Periscelidis Knights of the Garter Honi soit qui mal y pense Shame to him who thinks ill
Milites Stellae Knights of the Star Monstrant regibus astra viam The stars show the way to kings
Milites Fasciae sive Della Banda Knights of the Band or "Della Banda"
Milites Annunciationis Knights of the Annunciation F.E.R.T. (fortitudo eius Rhodam tenuit) His strength holds Rhodes
Milites Aurei Velleris Knights of the Golden Fleece Ante ferit, quam flamma micet He bears before, what strikes flame
Milites D: Michaelis Knights of St. Michael Immensi tremor Oceani Quaking of immense Ocean
Milites D: Stephani Knights of St. Stephen
Milites Sancti Spiritus Knights of the Holy Spirit

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