Middle Eastern Names

Medieval Names from Inscriptions at Siraf, Iran
Personal Names in Monumental Inscriptions From Persia and Transoxiana
Some Persian Feminine Names and Etymologies from the Timurid Dynasty
Muslim Names from 1455 Istanbul
Sixteenth-Century Turkish Names
Ottoman Cauldron-Makers, 1643-1644
Persian Masculine Names in the Nafah.ât al-uns
Personal Names in Warres Betweene the Turkes and the Persians

Order Names

Medieval Names of Some Knightly Orders
Members of Knightly Orders
Registering an Order Name in the SCA
Secular Orders, 1604

Roman Names

A Simple Guide to Imperial Roman Names
Complex Roman Names
Slides from a 2020 class.

Greek and Coptic Names

A Simple Guide to Classical Greek Names
Greek Names with Scytho-Sarmatian Roots
Nubian Names from Coptic and Greek Inscriptions
Some Name Constructions in Actes d'Iviron
Byzantine names from northern Greece, c. 1000.

Other Name Articles

Middle Mongol Grammar for SCA Names
Medieval Tamil Names
Some Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Mughal Women's Names
My Lord Sir Herald: Titles and Address in England Before 1600
Casualties in the Naval Battle at Bugia

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