Entering the Order of the Laurel

Ursula Georges

The CROWN will order the HERALD to summon the members of the Order.

HERALD: Companions of the Order of the Laurel, present yourselves to the Sovereigns of An Tir.

The members of the Order process into court, two by two.

CROWN: Greetings to you, Companions of the Order of the Laurel.

HERALD: Honorable companions, you are assembled here to choose a new brother or sister. Who seems to you most worthy to be called and received by this order?

The SPOKESPERSON will name the candidate. And the KING will command the HERALD to summon the candidate.

HERALD: Let Ursula Georges come before the Sovereigns.

When the candidate has come before Their Majesties, the KING will query the SPOKESPERSON.

CROWN: Is there any of your Order to speak for this Lady?

DAME ZENOBIA, DAME ÆLFGIFU, and COUNTESS ELISABETH will speak on the candidate's behalf.

When the Sponsors have enumerated the qualities which qualify the candidate for the Order, the King will query the assembled members of the Order.

CROWN: By the oaths which you have made, is Ursula Georges worthy to be called a companion of this Order?

And the members of the Order will reply in the affirmative.

CROWN: We, and our companions of the Order, since we have heard so much good about you, hoping that you will persevere and increase these deeds to the exaltation and honor of the Order of the Laurel, and to your merit and praise, have chosen you to be a companion of this order and friendly company. Will you make the oaths of the Order?


HERALD: You must swear that by your loyal power, you will aid and guard, sustain and defend the high lordship and rights of the sovereign, so long as you shall live and belong to said order.

That with all your power, you will work and labor to maintain said order in a state of honor, and take pains to increase its honor.

That all pains, punishments, or corrections, which you are charged with or enjoined to by the order, you will bear peaceably and will complete, without having or holding any rancor or hate toward the sovereign.

That you will come to and appear at the chapters and assemblies of the order, or send word of your absence. And that you will obey the sovereigns, or their delegates, in all reasonable matters touching and regarding the duty and affairs of this order.

That by your loyal power, you understand and will carry out all the statutes and ordinances which you have seen written or heard read. And all these promises you swear in general, and at the same time particularly and on each point you make a special oath.

CANDIDATE: I promise this and swear thus.

QUEEN: Bring forth the collar of the order.

The QUEEN will give the collar to the candidate.

QUEEN: The order receives you to its friendly company, and as a sign presents you with this collar. May you wear it long in praise and service, for the growth and honor of the order, of your merits and good name.

The new peer will take the entrance fee from the ACCOMPANYING MONEYER and present it to the CROWN.

HERALD: Dame Ursula presents these coins struck by the Moneyers of An Tir.

The new peer shall here be asked if she is willing to swear fealty.

HERALD: Would you now make fealty to the Sovereigns?

The new peer will place her hands between the HANDS OF THE KING.

HERALD (leading new peer phrase by phrase): I, Ursula Georges, a Companion of the Order of the Laurel, and a peer of the Kingdom of An Tir, do homage unto you, and to you I shall be true and faithful, and bear you faith for all I hold from you.

KING: And We for our part do swear to protect and defend you and your household with all Our power, so long as We remain Sovereigns of An Tir. So say We, Cedric, King of An Tir.

QUEEN: And so say We, Elizabeth, Queen of An Tir.

The HERALD will exhort the cheers of the populace.

Laurel Elevation - Ursula Georges